Primary School (Kindergarten – Grade 6)

Foster curiosity and a love of learning

From Kindergarten through to Year 6, students at Macarthur Adventist College are able to lay the groundwork for future success through a comprehensive and intentional Primary curriculum that actively engages and involves students in the learning process.

With the aim to foster curiosity and a love of learning from an early age, our Primary curriculum is designed to challenge each student, encouraging them to strive for excellence and explore their unique, God-given talents and abilities in an environment that is vibrant and welcoming. The emphasis on explicit instruction in key learning areas and a focus on building strong literacy and numeracy skills, is balanced alongside specialist teaching for creative arts, music and sport, encouraging our Primary students to thrive and develop in a well-rounded and holistic manner.

Our Wellbeing and Pastoral Care initiatives, underpinned by Biblically based values, offer the opportunity for students to grow in their understanding of God and His love for them, while developing understanding and empathy for others, equipping students with the skills to build strong interpersonal relationships with both peers and staff.

The Primary classrooms are bright, personable, and welcoming, with open plan, collaborative learning spaces for the early stages. Primary students are also able to enjoy a designated Primary space including sandpit and play equipment, while being able to take advantage of the spacious oval and friendship garden during break times.

Anyone who welcomes a little child like this on my behalf, welcomes me.
Jesus, Mark 9:37
Look with all your eyes, look.
Jules Verne, French novelist and poet
Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.
Solomon, Proverbs 22:6
You can only become truly accomplished at something you love.
Maya Angelou, poet and author
The adventure of life is to learn.
William Arthur Ward, Writer
The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful.
E E Cummings

Primary School (Year 1-6)

We make every effort to help your child develop values based on the qualities displayed by Jesus. These values contribute to shaping their characters as adults. Love, justice, compassion, forgiveness, service, humility, courage, hope and appreciation are taught explicitly during class devotions, scripture readings and at our weekly chapel service. They are also inherent in the way we instruct, guide and support students in their daily learning activities and social interactions. Students receive awards for positive conduct in the school community.

ENGLISH: The study of texts, grammar, reading, spelling, handwriting, writing and speaking

MATHEMATICS: The study of problem solving, estimation and calculation

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY: The study of scientific process, experimentation, and introduction to different technologies

HUMAN SOCIETY & ITS ENVIRONMENT: The study of history, geography and citizenship

CREATIVE ARTS: Exploring, expressing, communicating and performing through dance, drama, art and music

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Playing and learning new skills and sports, developing fine and gross motor skills

Additional support may be provided for children assessed with significant learning needs and students with low English language acquisition (ESL). 

For children assessed with a disability, learning support teachers will work with parents, classroom teachers and experts to devise an individual learning plan (ILP) and strategies to provide better access to learning and support. 

The school is presently participating in a government funded program known as Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan for students from K-6.

Personal excellence is a focus in every classroom, with assessments and activities used as a basis for extending those who show greater levels of interest and ability. Students are streamed in Reading, Mathematics, and Spelling, thus allowing for more targeted instruction and academic development.

Our flexible attitude to the individual learning needs of students allows us to provide more opportunities to able and gifted students who may benefit from moving beyond their peers in educational outcomes and exploring higher levels of achievement. 

Additional opportunities that challenge and extend learning, interests and talents are available through international competitions and assessments for schools (ICAS) and co-curricular activities such as music tuition, band, choir and art.

  • Band
  • Choir
  • Music tuition
  • Sports carnivals
  • CSSA and CIS inter-school sports competition
  • Academic Olympics

Our classrooms are digitally equipped with age-appropriate technology. This enhances the delivery of the curriculum, caters to a broad range of learning styles, and allows students to solve problems, work, and connect with each other and the world in 21st century ways. Regular access to technology is a part of the weekly program.