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Learning Program

We endeavour to deliver quality education for our students and approach learning with a growth mindset through our Building Learning Power (BLP) program. By differentiating our curriculum students who are at an advanced level are able to accelerate, while the at the same time allowing for learning support to be provided where it is needed. 

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Additional support may be provided for children assessed with significant learning needs and students with low English language acquisition (ESL).

For children assessed with a disability, teachers will work with parents, classroom teachers and experts to devise an individual learn plan (ILP) and strategies to provide better access to learning and support.

It is understood that each student will learn in a different manner. Our teachers aim to cater for all learning styles and incorporate a wide variety of activities such as student led tutorials, excursions, question and answer sessions, experiments, group work, creative expression and arts, multimedia, games, technology, and verbal discussions in most subjects which complement teaching using textbooks, projects and assessments.