Home and School

Macarthur Adventist College enjoys a reputation as a caring and nurturing place for children and parents to be. It is our intention to make your time at the College an enjoyable and rewarding one on many levels. One way that you can get involved with the College is to take an active role in the College life. As parents you are welcome to join our Home and School association. The following is a draft charter for the Home and School association:

The life of a school is enriched when it has vibrant and committed support and service organisations. These organisations should in most cases be operated by parents and volunteers. They should be provided with clear guidelines as to their purpose and the parameters under which they function. Also, as organisations and groups within the school, their day-to-day operations are a management responsibility. Their ultimate responsibility is, however, to the school council. The school council should receive regular reports on the nature and range of support and service activities and on their financial status. The council also has the right of veto over decisions that conflict with church standards or school council objectives or in any way fall outside the stated parameters.


In addition to the school’s need for support and service organisations, it is desirable that Adventist schools undertake where appropriate and possible the support of programs to assist sister schools in the South Pacific mission unions.


1.         Parent Association Policy

a)         It is desirable that each school operate a parent association for the mutual benefit of the school community. b)         It is recommended that meetings of the parent association are to occur twice a term during the regular school year. c)         The objectives of the association shall be to:i)          promote the principles of Christian education in an Adventist setting;ii)         encourage cooperation between the home and the school in all aspects of school life;iii)        build relationships between parents and teachers;iv)        create an environment where parents are comfortable in being part of the school community and sharing their needs and concerns;v)         find ways of providing equipment, resources and facilities over and above what is possible for the school budget to provide. d)         The responsibilities and activities of the association shall be to:i)          develop an inclusive community where Adventist Christian ethos is promoted and valued;ii)         support and work in partnership with the principal and staff;iii)        create opportunities for school, parents and teachers to interact;iv)        encourage parents to become interested and involved in the teaching and learning aspects of school;v)         promote the school in the local and wider community;vi)        organise functions that may help provide resources for the school;vii)       organise functions of educational and spiritual value for the parent body. e)         Membership of the association shall be open to parents and guardians of children attending the school, members of the staff, and those friends who support the aims of the association. f)          It is recommended that the association shall be administered by a committee of up to seven persons comprising a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and three other persons. The principal or his or her nominee shall be an ex officio member of the committee. g)         At least one non-staff member of the association shall be a practising Adventist who is able to represent the association on the school council. Where this representative is not the president of the association, the president shall discretion to present a regular report as a school council invitee. h)         The committee shall be appointed annually by the school council. i)          The parent association must gain the approval of the school council for all proposed activities and initiatives. 

2.         Roles and Responsibilities

Roles of the committee members are based on the recognition of the overarching responsibility of the principal in all aspects of the school’s operation. The association operates under the umbrella of the local conference school company for legal and insurance purposes and it is the responsibility of the principal to ensure the association operates in accordance with church operating policies and procedures. Activities of the association must be carried out as agents of the school thereby meeting approval of the principal and school council. a)         The PresidentThe president’s role is to:i)          present and uphold the special character of Adventist education;ii)         convene meetings of the committee in accordance with the stated objectives, responsibilities and activities of the association;iii)        ensure meetings run according to accepted practice;iv)        ensure activities are sanctioned by the school councilv)         ensure financial accountability;vi)        maintain positive working relationships with the principal, other committee members and staff;vii)       ensure all community members are informed of committee and association actions and activities. b)         The Vice-PresidentThe vice-president’s role is to:i)          chair meetings in the absence of the president;ii)         share duties and responsibilities with the president as agreed;iii)        work collaboratively with the president. c)         The SecretaryThe secretary’s role is to:i)          take care of notices, minutes, correspondence, agendas;ii)         act as the point of contact between meetings;iii)        be conversant with all issues;iv)        be the link with the school office staff;v)         support the president. d)         The TreasurerThe treasurer’s role is to:i)          keep accurate financial records of all receipts and expenditure;ii)         issue receipts for all money received;iii)        pay all accounts as authorised;iv)        bank all money regularly;v)         present a monthly financial report to the association and the council treasurer;vi)        arrange to receive monthly bank statements and reconcile deposits and cheque books with the statements;vii)       provide access for all accounts and books to school company personnel as required.It should be noted that while the treasurer is appointed to the association, he/she is responsible to the school council treasurer and the principal. e)         The PrincipalThe principal’s role in the association is to:i)          ensure the association is functioning in harmony with the objectives, responsibilities and activities as listed in 1 c) and d);ii)         provide guidance to the association and support to the president;iii)        work collaboratively with the president, association committee and parents;iv)        provide relevant information to the association and the community;v)         be accessible to parents;vi)        respond to requests for information by the association and parents. 

3.         Fundraising guidelines

a)         All fundraising events must have appropriate internal control mechanisms and must have a specific purpose so that contributors understand the purpose of the activity. b)         Appropriate partnerships may be sought from industry and commerce so long as they benefit the school, have educational value and do not involve the association with undesirable products and services that are contrary to the values and practices of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, such a tobacco or alcohol. c)         Fundraising activities and prizes given as part of the incentive strategies are to be in harmony with the practices of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and must not include:i)          alcoholic beverages;ii)         use of raffles, lotteries and other gambling activities;iii)        discos and other forms of entertainment that are not part of accepted church practice. d)         Further guidelines:i)          fundraising activities will not be scheduled for Sabbath(Friday sunset to Saturday sunset);ii)         vegetarian dishes only will be provided as part of all programs where food is prepared and served by the association;iii)        all fundraising activities will be identified as such and will only involve voluntary participation;iv)        all profits (and losses) associated with fundraising activities will  be reported to the wider community;v)         all transactions related to fundraising activities will be reported to the school council. 

4.         Management and Dispersal of Funds

Parent association funds should be kept in a separate account. Signatories to that account must include the principal, president and treasurer. 

Decisions on how funds should be used are to be made to the parent association committee in consultation with school administration.