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A Preschool Adventure through the alphabet

for 35 year olds.


Animals, Bubbles, C, D, E, Fire Brigade, G, Hot Dog , I, Jumping Castle, K,  L, M, Nurse, O, Painting, Q, R, Sandpit,

 T, U, V, W, X-ray, Y, Zebra


26 different activities,

one for each letter of the alphabet. 


Date - October 27


Time – 11am – 12:30pm


Where - Macarthur Adventist College

               12 Victoria Rd, 

              Macquarie Fields


   For more information and to book call 

                         9605 3200


Admission: FREE !


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How To Support Your Child Through Senior School

Presented by two experts in Peak Performance Psychology and Learning.

Rocky Biasi and Prue Salter PhD

 Click here for the PDF version.

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Stress and Anxiety in our Senior Students is increasing.

When I work with Year 10, 11 and 12 students I start by asking them two simple questions:

·         How do you react when you think of Year 12?

·         What message have you received about Year 12?

The answers will not surprise you. Students answer question one with responses such as:

·         Fear

·         Pressure

·         Panic

·         Anxiety

·         Overwhelmed

It’s little wonder that students feel this negatively about the senior years because they tell me the main message they hear about Year 12 is: “It’s do or die”, “It sets us up for our future”.

The Message About Senior School Needs To Change

When our children receive the message that how they perform in the senior years will set them up for their future career, success and prosperity – they are not being told the entire truth - these days there are many different career pathways.

What's more, empowering students to develop the “grit”, the determination, the perseverance, the resilience to excel plays a greater role in future success. This is one of the challenges for a parent of a senior student.

This is what's needed - rather than panic about academic results the focus needs to be on the mindset and study skills and habits that will produce personal best performance.


For The First Time Our Face To Face Presentation To Parents Is Free and Live Online


In this new and exclusive webinar (only 100 places available) parents of senior students will learn:

1) Why senior school is creating more stress and anxiety in our children and their families and how to overcome it.

2) How to support your child with technology use.

3) How to establish a success mindset.



Free Registration - How To Support Your Child In Senior School