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 Adventist Soccer League

Hi everyone and welcome to a new season for the Adventist Soccer League.
This season should be really exciting with a World Cup taking place in South Africa, our Soccer Gala day (May 30th) and all the usual fun you have each week playing soccer at Knights Park.
I have attached our annual notice and a registration form that each player will need to complete and bring along the first Sunday that they play.
Please note these important changes this year :
(1) We are probably the only league (In Australia !) that doesn't charge a registration fee and this will continue. This year however the decision has been made to increase our weekly players fee to $3.00 per player. If you have more than 2 players in your family the maximum fee will be $6.00 per family.
 (2) Every player (regardless of age) will be required to complete a registration form and pay the players fee each time they play. The fields cost money to rent, the equipment and shirts to replace, insurance, trailer etc etc. It's only fair that each and every user pays...... Adults are therefore required to pay the $3.00 as well. 
(3) We desparately need extra volunteers to run the League, particularly for the younger age groups. The current organisers have been running the league for between 7 and 11 years and hence their children are now in the oldest playing group. If you have children who play in the 4 - 8 years group please offer whatever assistance you can.  
The league starts Sunday April 11th. We hope to see you there !
David Savage
Adventist Soccer League


Photos from Macarthur Adventist College school bikes presentation and clinic conducted last Wednesday 9th Dec. are available in the photo gallery.

  • Many thanks to Officeworks, collectively corporate head office and the local stores comprising Hoxton Park, Liverpool and Campbelltown for funding the bike & helmet purchase.
  • Many thanks to Pacific Brands for supplying the bikes & helmets at sub-cost price and arranging with such speed the build and delivery as we know there where some team members that volunteered to build these bikes out of hours in order to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Many thanks to the team at Macarthur Adventist College with particular reference to Jodie Williams for coordinating all aspects at the school and being so passionate about her kids and their ability to be involved with such great events like this.


We have now compleated the re-roofing of the Classroom buildings in the main admin section which was funded by the Federal Government "Building the Education Revolution" project. Go to Photo Gallery to view photos of the completed work.