Macquarie Fields Adventist School was established in 1974 as part of the Save Our Schools scheme.  Other schools built under this project, initiated by Pr W.H. Simmons were Warrimoo, Windsor, Mona Vale and Illawarra.  At that stage we only had a few schools within the system and Pr Simmons felt a need to place additional primary schools on the outskirts of the Sydney Metropolitan area to meet the needs of Sydney’s expanding Adventist population. 
The purchase price was around $5000, from Mrs MacNamara who retained life tenancy of the old Fibro cottage. 
 In 1973, while the building was under construction, Mr Elwyn Cherry taught 25 pupils in the basement hall of the Old Liverpool Church.  The two classrooms were completed and the new school opened in 1974 with 41 pupils which grew to 51 over the next few months.  
In 1993, the demountable was brought across from Doonside and set up as the infants room.  Unfortunately it fell to pieces on the way over and had to be practically rebuilt at great expense!
In 1995, the third permanent classroom was added.  Now the school was up to four full time teachers and enrolments were continually increasing.
In 1996, the six car carport was erected and the following year a large lockup sandpit/play area was built. 
At the beginning of 2000, the Office area was refurbished and the old fibro cottage that belonged to Mrs “Mack” was made into a Library and Remedial area. A larger concrete playing area comprising of two tennis courts was also added that year.
In 2000, the School board made a presentation to the Conference Executive to begin a Middle School  - comprising of Years 5-8.  This was accepted as a trial and in 2001,Year 7 students remained at Macarthur Adventist School, and in 2002 both years 7 and 8.  In September 2002, the Executive accepted that the Middle School trial period was a success and was granted full status.
The demountable had a wall put into the centre and we put 5/6 in one class and 7/8 in the other.  We also applied for, and were granted permission to build 8 new rooms, incorporating a Science room, lab, library, toilets and 4 classrooms.  This began in September 2002. The enrolment at the beginning of 2002 was 123 students
During the year 2000 the school had a name change- from Macquarie Fields Adventist Primary to Macarthur Adventist School.  The board felt that this name was more representative of the broader region.   Because Macarthur Adventist School is in a major growth corridor, the Board, along with the staff developed a ten year master plan that included extra classrooms as well as Administration Block. 
In 2004, the school became a part of the new Seventh-day Adventist Schools (Greater Sydney) Ltd Company and as such is governed by the Board of Directors of the company. The School Board was renamed the School Council. During this year the staff, School Council and representatives from the AUC (Australian Union Conference) began a Strategic Plan. This took effect from 2005 and is a working document, currently being modified and implemented.
As a result of the desire of the parent body, the School council and staff, a presentation was made to the Board of Directors for the school to develop in two directions: the junior school with the introduction of a Pre-kindergarten class; the middle school with the progression to year 12 in 2010. This has been successful in the first instance with the development of the pre-kindergarten in 2005 commencing with 5 pre-kindergarten students in a split pre-kindergarten and kindergarten class growing throughout the year to 15 pre-kindergarten students. This helped to produce the first full kindergarten class for the school in 2006 of 20 students. In 2006, the Pre-kindergarten class started with 11 students and by the end of first term grew to 23.

A demountable was brought onto the grounds to accommodate the Year 9 development and the development of a Church (Church In The Fields) on the grounds to further the mission of the church to bring hope to the people of Macquarie Fields and surrounding areas.

In 2008, Macarthur Adventist School became Macarthur Adventist College when year 10 was introduced. The College is now acknowledged to be a viable alternative for the community of not only Macquarie Fields but also the Macarthur Region. The College continued its expansion with the commencement of the Year 12 in 2010. 

With funding from the Federal Government of $2.6 million we have been able to build a new auditorium. This hall has been designed to benefit not only our school students, but also the local community as a venue to meet and participate in local events.  The auditorium houses a new library as well as school canteen, a stage, gymnasium, sport courts and ‘Church in the Fields’.